On-page Optimization

On Page Optimization is one of the very first step of SEO

Why it is so important?

Well I am telling you a very shortly. If we are doing proper on-page optimization for our website  we can not get only  good page rank in a search engine but also we can increase the overall understand of your website for our visitors.

Some Important On-page Optimization Factors:

1) Title Tag Optimization

2) Meta Description tag optimization

3) Keyword Optimization

3) HTML Tags

* Good content : When you are working in on page Optimization you wont good content. It means you write any article about any topic check the spelling & grammar very care fully. And check the hole article in copy casep software. Than you post your articles.

* Title tag : Title tag is one of the most important factors in optimizing. Title tags word position is the top. Title tag is the user will see  the top of browser window. And title tag help also search engine what the page is about.

Some Useful tips how to write title tags :

1 ) Use keywords & keywords phrases related to your web page in the Title Tag.

2) Title tag start with the most effitve keywords.

3) Title tag length 60 to 65 characters (including space)

4) Don’t use repeated keyword again and again in the title tag. It’s bad effitve for our ranking.

5) Always use the releted keywords in title tag.

6) Don’t use company name in title tag.

7) Check the spelling and grammar in title tags

8) And also check the found type It’s Always regular (don’t use Italic or anybody)

* Description tag : Meta  description tag displayed below the title tag in search result. Description tag place between <Head> </Head>. it is place always after the title tag and before the meta keyword tag. Meta description tag means a brief and short summary of our page. Meta Description tag useful for search engine to index pages.

Some Useful tips how to write title tags Description tag :

1) Use dynamic, easy language

2) Use keywords in description tag.

3) Do not use longer description. Meta description tag should be only 140 to 200 characters.

4) Do not repeat the same keyword in meta description tag.

5) When you writing meta description tag use only first letter capital.

6) Meta description tag  length only 170 characters

* keyword tag : Keywords are single word that appear the most in page. Our web site will than be Indexed base on our keyword.

Some Useful tips how to write Keyword tag :

1) Use the one keyword only two or three times

2) Do not use common words eg ‘the’, ‘and’, ‘of’spiders ignor them.


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