Blogs & Blogging Terminology
Like most new technologies, the blogosphere (blogging world) is full of new words, terms, and slang used to describe blogs and the act of blogging. To get you started on knowing the lingo, here are some of the many blog-related terms you’ll find written online today.

Blog : Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

Blogger : A person who blogs.

Blogging : The act of writing or updating your blog.

Blogosphere : Meaning all blogs, it is an expression used to describe the ‘world of blogs’.

Blogroll : Found on blogs it is a list of links to other blogs and Web sites that the blog author commonly references or is affiliated with. Blogrolls help blog authors to establish and build upon a their blogger community.

Blogsnob : (1) A slang term used to describe a blogger who doesn’t respond to blog comments left by people outside his or her own circle of blogger friends.
(2) Written as BlogSnob, a free advertising exchange for blogs and personal sites.

B-Blog : Short for business blog, a blog used by a business to promote itself.

Klog : Short for knowledge blog, klog is a type of blog usually used as an internal / Intranet blog that is not accessible to the general public and that serves as a knowledge management system. The term klog is also being used to describe a blog that is technical content oriented.

Moblog : Acronym used to combine the terms “mobile” and “Web log”. Where a Web log (also called a blog) is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual, a moblog is a blog which has been posted to the Internet from a mobile device such as a mobile phone or PDA.

Tagging : Commonly used in blogs, site authors attach keyword descriptions (called tags) to identify images or text within their site as a categories or topic. Web pages and blogs with identical tags can then be linked together allowing users to search for similar or related content. If the tags are made public, online pages that act as a Web-based bookmark service are able to index them. tags can be created using words, acronyms or numbers. Tags are also called tagging, blog tagging, folksonomies (short for folks and taxonomy), or social bookmarking.

Blog and Ping : An online marketing term applied to a system that utilizes blogs and pings (short for pingback) to deliver content and /or sites for indexing in search engines with the ultimate aim of profit. Also called blog ping.

Vlog : Short for video blog, it is the term used to describe a blog that includes or consists of video clips. Typically updated daily (or with regular frequency) vlogs often reflect the personality or cause of the author. Also called vog.


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