Difference Between Real Pagerank and Toolbar Pagerank

The Google pagerank is very often discussed by webmasters on many forums. When they talk about the pagerank many of them don’t understand what is the difference between Real Pagerank and the value displayed by Google toolbar. Continue reading to learn about the difference.

Pagerank is very difficult algorithm. In short the more websites are linking to your domain the higher pagerank will your site get. This is real pagerank. It is updated in real time so if you get a few links pointing to your web today your real pagerank will be increased as soon as the spider will find these links.

If you install Google toolbar you will see the toolbar pagerank value. It is good tool for webmasters to get an idea how important is the visited website. Toolbar pagerank is updated only a few times a year. For this reason it may happen that new website has no toolbar pagerank but ranks well.

People are sometimes confused why they dont rank better in SERPs when their toolbar pagerank increases. You should keep in mind that these values has really nothing to do with your website ranking. Only real pagerank has impact on the SERPs.

So when is useful to use Google toolbar? E. g. when you are looking for link exchange partners. If your site had PR 5 you will probably want to get backlinks from pages with similar or higher pagerank. Also when you are doing forum marketing for SEO purposes you will probably start to post in forums with higher pagerank.

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