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Keywords are single words which help to identify the content of a website or web page. Keywords are not only used in text of a website but also in the title, description, keyword tag as well as other tags. In the html of the web page

Importance of Keyword Analysis :

Keyword Research is a process of selecting the most effective keyword phrases that can help visitors find our website.

Choosing the right keywords is key to the success of your search marketing campaings, you can find out which keywords attract the visitors most likely to become customers.

Keyword Indentification :

Keyword Indentification is a very important part of search engine optimization

Keyword density

Keywords as a percentage of indexable text words.

NoteKeyword density can vary when analyzing a page for various search engines. Different search engines may use different stop words or stemming techniques, resulting in a word being counted by one engine and not counted by another. Aside from the problem of determining what constitutes a word, there is also the problem of determining which tags various search engines will support. The most basic scenario might have a search engine using only <body> text. More elaborate scenarios might have a search engine using <body> text, ALT tags, META tags, comment tags, and a handful of other tags.

For example : If a keyword is used 5 times in page with 100 indexable text words, the page has a keyword density of 5%. Generally, keyword density should be high enough that a keyword is recognized as a main topic of a page and not an incidental, unimportant word. At the same time, keyword density should not be too high, as some search engines may penalize a page for keyword stuffing.
Keyword density is a calculation of the number of times the selected keyword appears on the web page. Keyword density is always expressed as a percentage of the total word content on a given web page. Generally speaking, keyword density is the ratio of the word that is being searched for (the keyword)

Definition of KEI

Keywords Effectiveness Index (KEI). Keyword based upon (In contact with, on top of) its popularity and the number of competing (competition) websites Higher KEI values are “better” in that they represent more searches per website.

Keyword Frequency

Keyword frequency refers to the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase appears within a web page.

Keyword Research Tools :

Overture :

Called keyword Assistant, it is a tool used by search engine optimization professionals for finding related searches the data and your keywords and how many times that keyword was searched on last month.

Word Tracker :

You enter some keywords, & they will tell you how often people search of them, and also tell you how may competing sites use those keywords. And word tracker also help to find all keyword combinations that strong any relation to any business, service, or product

Google Adwords :

This is also a tool. This tool can provide ideas for new keywords that can help you improve your page rankings. It does not provide the number of times a term (that keywords) have been searched.