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Increase Traffic & Page Rank Using Directory Submission

Posted in Directory Submission with tags , , , on April 13, 2009 by Sangeeta Ghodke

Directory Submission is the fastest and the easiest way of increasing traffic, page rank and link popularity. In this article we will be discussing about how to increase instant traffic and page rank as well as link popularity.

Everyone who is running a online business thinks about different ways to increase traffic to their website. Even Page Rank plays an important role in increasing traffic. You can increase your website traffic by article marketing, e-mail marketing etc., Definitely these strategies do get traffic but these are time consuming and need to spend time, energy and money.

Hence, Now we need some quicker way, like taking part in social network, blogs and forums etc., where we leave link back to our website with comments. Even this is one of the way to get instant traffic but again need to spend good time and also with consistency.

After comparing these ways of increasing traffic and page rank of our website site we can find one more important and quicker way of getting good traffic as well as increasing page rank of our website that is Directory Submission.

Directory Submission: We submit our website to other directories to get more visibility and increase instant traffic. While submitting to directories, we provide our website’s title and a brief description of what we offer or what the website is about.

Directory Submission not only gets traffic to our website but also increases page rank. If you website’s page rank is good, search engine sends more traffic to your site, more people link back to you and also page rank is the fame and value of your website. Directory submission increases lot of back links to our website. This is also one of the way to increse link popularity to your website.

There are three types of Directory Submission

1. Submitting to General Directories: In this case we just submit our website to general directories who might be dealing with different products. This kind of submission is not much recommended since for good page ranking your link back should be with the relevant website as yours.

2. Submitting to Niche Directories: In this case while submitting we select the website to where we want to submit and also we select the particular categories under which our website is best suited. This increases quality traffic to our website. For example: If our website is dealing with online music and our website is listed in the category of Real Estate then nobody will visit our website even though they see our link. On the other hand, If our webiste is listed under the category of Entertainment then there is high chance of visitors to visit our website since the visitor is surfing the Entertainment category and they see our Online Music link which comes under Entertainment. This kind of submission is recommended by most of us.

3. Submitting to High PR Directories: These days many people are not only concentrating in submitting to directories but also high page rank directories. This is because the kind of traffic you get depends upon the page rank or popularity of the directories where you website is been submitted. If you submit your website to high page rank directories then you have highest chance of getting more quality links, more traffic and also good page rank to your website. While updating page rank search engine not only takes in to consideration the number of links but also the page rank of the link as well as relevance of the link. This kind of submission is highly recommended.

The conclusion of this article is directory submission increase traffic quickly and improves link popularity and page rank. Having said, while submitting you need to take care of relevancy and quality.


Difference Between Real Pagerank and Toolbar Pagerank

Posted in Page Rank with tags , , on April 4, 2009 by Sangeeta Ghodke

The Google pagerank is very often discussed by webmasters on many forums. When they talk about the pagerank many of them don’t understand what is the difference between Real Pagerank and the value displayed by Google toolbar. Continue reading to learn about the difference.

Pagerank is very difficult algorithm. In short the more websites are linking to your domain the higher pagerank will your site get. This is real pagerank. It is updated in real time so if you get a few links pointing to your web today your real pagerank will be increased as soon as the spider will find these links.

If you install Google toolbar you will see the toolbar pagerank value. It is good tool for webmasters to get an idea how important is the visited website. Toolbar pagerank is updated only a few times a year. For this reason it may happen that new website has no toolbar pagerank but ranks well.

People are sometimes confused why they dont rank better in SERPs when their toolbar pagerank increases. You should keep in mind that these values has really nothing to do with your website ranking. Only real pagerank has impact on the SERPs.

So when is useful to use Google toolbar? E. g. when you are looking for link exchange partners. If your site had PR 5 you will probably want to get backlinks from pages with similar or higher pagerank. Also when you are doing forum marketing for SEO purposes you will probably start to post in forums with higher pagerank.

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