Why is internet marketing important ?

Internet marketing : We can called web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing.  It is marketing for product or services.

Internet marketing is not based on luck, it involves a lot of hard work and effort. Internet Marketing is a part of advertising.

* Drive high quality customers to their website.

* Increase sales leads from customers looking for their products & services.

* Build their brand online by communicating marketing messages to their target audience.

* Increase their profile against their competitors.

* Target a global audience via international search engines.

* Be accountable with ROI tracking (SEM).


14 Responses to “Why is internet marketing important ?”

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  3. The ability to market websites on the web has changed the business world in more ways than we can imagine. It has also opened the doors for thousands of entrepenuers worldwide – great post, thank you!

  4. Straigt forward post! Good bullet points and valuable information, keep writing.

  5. I think video marketing is great because the search engines love video. You are able to post the same video to multiple video sharing sites and the search engines just love it. It is not the same as posting duplicate articles around on the Internet. YouTube and MetaCafe seem to be the big ones. Thanks for your post.

  6. Excellent and valuable information we can all benefit from. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Internet marketing has made people buy anything they want from any location. It changed the way of trading and services between companies and customers. It has minimized the geographic are of business.

  8. I thoroughly agree with your post. Internet Marketing has given companies the ability to target any demographic they choose in a much easier and cheaper way.

  9. Good points made by all. The internet allows advertising and marketing across websites, social networking, and even mobile devices. With new metric technologies, campaigns can nearly instantly be analyzed for their effectiveness. with the internet such an enormous place that caters to every kind of sense of style, taste, activity, or identity, marketers now have a new set of tools full of interesting possibilities (although i have a feeling advertising online is going to be much more invasive in the future).

  10. I agree with your post. Internet marketing is becoming an important marketing strategy in 21 century. Today’s world is globalized by Internet and the cover rate of Internet advertising is sharply increasing.

  11. Hi sangsss,
    Nice working so many points included. i am waiting for next post but in detailed seo infomation . Thanks for this esocial work.

  12. hello,

    Yeah thats right internet marketing is purely on your hard work . how can you be good marketer in internet…

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